Champs Sports Club


Experience fitness excellence at our gym, where state-of-the-art equipment meets expert guidance. Elevate your workouts in a dynamic and inclusive environment, sculpting your body and mind. Discover a community committed to your well-being at Champs.

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Score success on and off the court at our famous basketball academy. From skill development to strategic play, our experienced coaches ensure a slam dunk learning experience. Join us and unleash your potential in a vibrant community passionate about the game.

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Transform your fitness journey with our energizing group exercise classes. Immerse yourself in a motivating and supportive community, where expert instructors guide you through dynamic workouts. Embrace the power of collective wellness and make every class a celebration of strength, endurance, and camaraderie.

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Dive into the excitement at our events and tournaments, where sportsmanship meets thrilling competition. Whether you're a participant or spectator, join us for a showcase of skill, teamwork, and passion.

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Secure your victory on our premier courts with hassle-free court rental options. Whether it's basketball, tennis, or volleyball, enjoy exclusive access to top-notch facilities tailored to your sporting needs. Elevate your game, reserve your court, and unleash your skills in a space dedicated to your athletic pursuits.

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Additional Fitness Services

Elevate your fitness journey at Champs Sports Club with personalized training, where expert coaches craft tailored workouts to achieve your goals, ensuring a dynamic and effective path to success.

Personal Training

Accurate body assessment at Champs includes a comprehensive evaluation, guiding personalized fitness plans based on your unique strengths, areas of improvement, and health goals.

Body Assessment

Explore your stride on Champs Gym’s state-of-the-art running track, providing a premium surface for diverse workouts, from sprint intervals to leisurely jogs, all within a dynamic fitness environment.

Running Track

Skate into a world of exhilarating thrills at Champs Outdoors, Dubai Festival City's premier skatepark. From vert ramps to street obstacles, every element is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse preferences of our riders.


Unleash your inner fighter at our boxing arena, where skilled coaches guide you through dynamic workouts, refining your technique and boosting strength.


Recovery Services

At Champs Sports Club, embrace cutting-edge recovery! From Normatec technology to ice baths, saunas, hot tubs, and expert sports massages, your journey to peak fitness begins with comprehensive recovery.


Ice Bath


Hot Tub

Sports Massage

Healthy Café

Indulge in a guilt-free culinary experience at Pro Bar, the health haven nestled within Champs Sports Club. From vibrant smoothie bowls to protein-packed wraps, our expert chefs curate a menu that caters to both taste and well-being.

Whether you’re replenishing post-workout or simply seeking a nourishing treat, Pro Bar is your go-to destination for wholesome delights.
pro bar

Inside In

Discover the latest trends in footwear and streetwear at InsideIn, Champs’s in-house fashion retailer. Step inside for a curated selection of sneakers that perfectly complement your active lifestyle.

At InsideIn, you can find a wide variety of authentic Jordan, Yeezys, Nike Dunks and apparels. All items are in their original packaging have been examined by experts to ensure 100% authenticity.

Padel Nuestro

Are you a fan of padel? Discover a world of high quality padel sports equipment and accessories at Padel Nuestro’s pop-up stores at our Al Quoz and Festival Plaza branches.

Headquarted in Spain, Padel Nuestro is the world leader in padel supplies and equipment, and a sponsor of some of the major leagues, tournaments and players in the padel world.
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