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Book a basketball court at our cutting edge facilities.

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Basketball court rentals can be a hassle. That’s why at Champs, we offer top quality facilities with maximum convenience. Whether you’re looking to fix a game with friends or upgrade your training on the court, this is the perfect place fo you.
Indoor Courts
Indoor Courts
Festival Plaza
Outdoor Courts
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certified facilities

Our wooden courts are all FIBA-certified, ensuring that they are up to world standard and suitable for both beginners and professionals.

train like a pro

Players can even take their training to the next level at our courts at Al Quoz and Festival Plaza by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art automatic basketball training machine, which allows players to focus on honing their shooting skills instead of worrying about chasing the ball after rebounds.

put your skills
to the test

Get on the pitch and show us your skills! Rent out the most top-notch courts in Dubai today.

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