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About Us

Celebrating Triumphs, Big and Small

Welcome to Champs Sports Club, where every achievement, whether grand or modest, is honored. Join us as we come together as a united team, celebrating victories in the world of sports and beyond.

Meet Our Founder, Fadi El Khatib

A name synonymous with excellence in basketball across Asia and the Arab Countries. Regarded as the region’s all-time best basketball athlete and a role model, Fadi’s journey began in 1996 when he played his first game in the division-one career. From that moment, he emerged as a powerhouse in the sport and an ambassador for fitness in the Middle East.

Today, Fadi’s passion for sports takes on a different form. He founded Champs Sports Club as a premier fitness desitnation and a breeding ground for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts with diverse sporting interests. On a day-to-day basis, Fadi and his team of international coaches at Champs Sports Club make it their mission to inspire students, athletes, and staff to strive for greatness in all aspects of life.

What We Offer

Tap and discover

Hone your skills and embrace the spirit of team work
Kick-start your padel journey with expert guidance
The Gym
Achieve peak fitness with state-of-the-art equipment
Host your events in our world-class facilities.
Engage in thrilling competitions and memorable events.

the mission

At Champs Sports Club, our mission is to create an exclusive platform for Sports & Lifestyle cultural experiences, fostering a vibrant society with fulfilling lives. We are committed to promoting social well-being and a healthy lifestyle through exceptional training and strategic collaborations. Our focus is on providing students and athletes with the best training opportunities, helping them develop their skills and reach their full potential.

the vision

Through our dedication to excellence, diversity, and inclusion, we aim to set a powerful example of greatness and sportsmanship across the Middle Eastern region. We strive to excel in the field of sports, becoming one of the top teams on a regional and global scale. Our relentless pursuit of enabling UAE elite athletes to break through their barriers and achieve their highest potential remains at the core of our mission.

let us empower you​

Embrace the journey of triumphs and transformations, and let Champs Sports Club empower you to reach new heights.
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