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The Top Ranked Basketball Academy in dubai

Champs offers the top basketball academy in Dubai, with dozens of awards, trophies, and testimonials to support this. Fadi El-Khatib, an international basketball legend, founded Champs Basketball Academy as a passion project. Our curriculum focuses on all parts of the game, aimimg to turn kids into players who can join the top leagues.

Development Both On and Off the Court

The Basketball Academy offers all the parts for fast and long-term growth. We offer a well-organized curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. These include FIBA-certified basketball courts. We also benefit from the expertise of international coaches and compete local and regional tournaments.

Endless benefits at the best basketball academy in Dubai

One cannot overlook the benefits of joining the Champs Basketball Academy. Players will see physical progress after only a few sessions. They will also learn to work in a team. Our basketball academy in Dubai emphasizes sportsmanship and tolerance. It prepares the players to cope with loss as well as success.

Basketball Academy Dubai

Learn from the best

The Champs Basketball Academy has the right mix of things to help your child become a different kind of player. With the guidance of Fadi El Khatib, who  Michael Jordan once called the most outstanding talent, there’s no better basketball academy in Dubai to grow as a team player.

A holistic approach to the game we love

We equip players with the skills to help them navigate challenges on and off the court. Our basketball academy also opens the door for scholarships at top academic institutions worldwide. Many of our academy graduates get discounted tuition, we create the opportunity for our players to compete on the international stage. For example, this year, two of our academy players were called up to represent their national teams. 

see the best version of you​

Achieve more and join the UAE’s leading basketball academy.
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