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The State Of Sports

We are an urban sports club where everyday triumphs, big or small, are celebrated.
Together, as one, as a team.
We triumph as a team, we triumph through play’

With the Golden Experience, presence, and vision of Fadi El-Khatib, Champs Basketball Academy has strong beliefs and consistent behaviors of people in the organization, describing the way in which they behave, interact & work together and determine the culture of turning the grass-roots program into a professional basketball career through:

  • Fixed Curriculum
  • Aimed Program
  • Cooperative Work
  • Well-trained Certified Coaches
  • Strategic and structural demonstration
  • Fadi’s Tips & Experience Shared on Court
  • Credibility in Service

Development Program is our Strategy

  • Ensure a well-structured development program for our players.
  • Prepare the players mentally to compete on an international level.
  • Obtain international opportunities for our players.
  • Help our players receive scholarships.

Affiliate with local and international institutions to match up our vision.




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little tigers

The program provides a High-Performance training environment and passionate mindset, by offering our little players the standard of training, facilities, and deliver an ultimate and unique experience. Our program is specially designed to focus on the fundamental movements skills that can be done with fun games. Besides, motor movements such as balancing, throwing, catching, running, bouncing, galloping and more, in activities that are fun for children.