The Gym

Champs offers you everything you need to explore your full potential and reconnect with yourself on various levels. Our memberships are designed to give you a complete kit to help reach your goals, with workouts that will reboot, revitalize, and rejuvenate your mind and body.



CrossFit is designed to improve your overall physical abilities, including your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and more.

Functional Boxing

A 45-minute boxing bag and bodyweight workout using traditional boxing techniques, strikes, footwork and combinations.


A 45-minute High Intensity Training class using approximately 60% strength-based exercises and 40% cardiovascular.

Strength & Tone Yoga

If you want a slower pace of yoga, but still challenging, then this is the class for you, working on building your strength and toning the muscles. All levels are welcome. Finishing off with a mindfulness meditation.

Yoga Flow

A sequence of postures that flow from one to another with the breath, starting with stretching, variations of sun salutations, movement, toning, strengthening, stretching & finishing off with a relaxing breathing session.

Yoga Stretch

A deep stretch of the muscle. This session helps those who are stiff or suffering back pain, tight hamstrings and calves, hips, and chest. It is a mindful session focusing on your breathing.

Stretch & Mobility

This class works on opening those stiff areas getting the blood to flow. It’s a slow but gentle class with moment and stretching throughout, with a meditation at the end.

Power Yoga

Increasing the heartrate, challenging your body. Power yoga is a faster paced yoga working on strength, stamina, and flexibility. All levels welcome.


Pilates is a system of gentle/low impact exercise performed while lying down. It stretches and lengthens the muscles. It is designed to improve posture, flexibility, etc.

Strength & Conditioning

A 45-minute class using more complex strength-based exercises along with intense cardiovascular conditioning work.

Abs & Glutes

A 45-minute low impact class focused solely on the glutes and abs.


Zumba is a form of exercise that involves dancing to fast tempo music derived from Latin roots. A mix of Salsa, Merengue and Samba.


An interval training class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. With a new workout every week, these classes are designed to push participants harder than they'd push themselves and to always keep the body guessing.